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Hanes Family {Family Portraits}

This was my first time shooting with the Hanes kids...well the boys. I have shot with Johanna before. We shot an ad for her mom's business - Little Loft of Georgetown. One of the key things I stress with parents is letting kids dress themselves or at least in their style for a photoshoot. It helps them feel more comfortable and engaged in the shoot and these kids had a whole store to pull from.

Looking forward to our next shoot!

Penelope {Portraits}

I've been honored to be shooting this little girl since she was about 6 months old...and now she is 2. I love watching kids grow up and capturing the different phases of their lives.

Penelope and her parents have a cool style and it shows in the photographs of her. I'm already looking forward to next year!

Owen, turning 3 {Portraits}

Owen's turning three and his parents asked me to capture some photos of him and his personality. Just before the shoot his dad asked me if I had my running shoes on...and then the fun began!

Right off I have to say...Owen was stylin'!! Seriously, how many dudes could pull off yellow pants with a purple shirt. Way cool! Then changed to a Henley. Props to Mom and Dad for his style.

We worked our way around the square in Georgetown and let Owen explore and I documented the adventure. Everywhere we went there were things to discover and he was in his own world. It was great! Birds, planes, rocks, grass, leaves...oh, to be a child again. Thanks Owen for the reminder of the little fascinations in life...for that is what truly keeps us young.

Here's wishing Owen and happy third and many more...

The Rogers {Family}

Greg and I grew up together in San Antonio and lost track of each other for a few years.  About two years ago we connected via was so good to catch up on life. So many stories, life experiences and spiritual growth that we experienced together. It's amazing how there are people that you can loose touch with yet pick right back up where you left off. Thankful for Greg and Amanda's friendship. Looking forward to more family photos with them!

Grafton {Family} cute...need I say more. It was fun to watch him move from being shy when we started out to becoming a ham then chilling out for the final few photos in the neighborhood. Looking forward to doing portraits with the rest of his family in the Spring.

The Dunham Girls {Portraits}

Melanie is an editor at the Austin Family Magazine and I was honored when she asked me to take photos of their girls for the family Christmas card. She wanted to capture the personalities and style of each of the girls. I love the colors they wore and that each one's personality showed through their photos.

Looking forward to more shoots with the Dunham family!

Bianca, Q101.9 Qute Kid Winner {Portraits}

Recently I was asked to provide a prize package for a contest on Q101.9 in San Antonio. The votes were counted and Bianca won the "qute" kid contest and a photo shoot that was part of the prize package.

We spent part of the morning at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio and captured some fun photos of Bianca. Congratulations Bianca on winning the Q101.9 Qute Kid contest!