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Brittany for Golden Bones {Fashion}

Model: Brittany Alleman from Page Parkes
HMUA: Kendra Stanton from Citizens of Beauty
Wardrobe: Golden Bones

Alpha Fashion Magazine Feature {Fashion}

Alpha Fashion Magazine Feature -

Model: Brittany Alleman with Page Parkes
HMUA: Kendra Stanton from Citizens of Beauty
Wardrobe: Golden Bones

Teddies for Betty's, March 2015 {Fashion}

Teddies for Betty's, Lingerie, Ready to Wear,

Commercial shoot with MUAH by Rochelle, Rae Cosmetics.

Fashion X Austin - Grandeur Editorial {Fashion}

Grandeur for Fashion X Austin was shot at Chateau Bellevue.

Models Dagny and Olivia were styled by Erin Bradley in Mysterious by NPN gowns and jewels from Found.  Red Stella Salon created the hair and makeup looks.

To see the published editorial:

Fashion X Austin - Amour Editorial {Fashion, Editorial}

Fashion X Austin webitorial: Amour. Featuring gorgeous lingerie from Teddies for Bettys and jewelry from Eliza Page and Kendra Scott.

Amour was shot at Carrington Crossing. Models Callisto and Anna were styled by Michelle Washington and Sirens Salon created the romantic hair and makeup looks.

Love Machine with Golden Bones {Fashion}

“Love Machines” was styled by Bijou Finney and Kassi Foster of Golden Bones and features models Stephanie Touchet, Megan Bruns and Francine Salonga. Graphic design by Alisa Longoria, Art Director at Velvet Cartel.

The final post with graphic design can be seen at:

Sicily for Altar'd State and Shalottlilly {Fashion, Portraits}

Model: Sicily
Wardrobe: Altar'd State
Jewelry: Shalottlilly by Adrian

I Love Texas Photo Instagram Feature {Travel}

In October of 2014 I had the honor of taking over the "I Love Texas Photo" Instagram account. Below is the journey I documented. I focused on locations around Williamson County with one detour into Austin. I look forward to another opportunity in 2015.

Hello, my name is Todd White. I'm excited about taking you on a journey through some history and interesting places in and around where I call home, Georgetown. I am a local photographer and Producer and one of the DPs for the Daytripper television show on PBS. This is the Williamson County Courthouse. It sits at the heart of the Square in downtown Georgetown. Inside this courthouse, A trial occurred in 1923 that impacted racism in the nation and propelled a young District Attorney to become the youngest governor of the state of Texas.

The perfect way to get around the square in Georgetown and visit other destinations in the Main Street area is with a Red Poppy bicycle. These are available to check out for free from the visitor center and at the library. Get a little bit of exercise and it's good for the environment.

When visiting Georgetown, be sure that you take advantage of this one-of-a-kind photo opportunity just off the Square. This is a statue of Three Legged Willie, also known as Robert McAlpin Williamson. He is a very important historical figure for the county, in fact Williamson County was named after him. Interesting fact is that he never lived in this area. He was a traveling circuit judge who spent a bit of time at the courthouse here in Georgetown. Pictured here with Three Legged Willie is Mickie Ross, the executive director of the Williamson Museum. After you take your photo with Three Legged Willie, be sure to turn around and step inside the Williamson Museum for more information and history about this county.

On our journey of history, it seemed only appropriate to follow up my previous post with this photograph that I just took at the Texas State cemetery. This is an amazing cemetery full of Texas history. If you're in the area I highly recommend a visit to pay respect to some of the great people who founded this great state.

Meet Vencil, owner of the Taylor Café. You may recognize him from his cameo appearance in the Chevy Silverado commercial during the 2014 Super Bowl. In 1948, Vencil purchased this old hotel by the railroad tracks and opened the Taylor Café...which is known for its BBQ. He started learning the craft of great barbecue while working at the Southside Market in Elgin then branched out on his own. He is truly a legend of Texas BBQ.

This is the childhood home of former Texas governor, Dan Moody. It's located in Taylor, TX and is now a museum. Yesterday I referred to a trial that happened at the Williamson County courthouse. Dan Moody was the DA at that time and he took on the KKK and won. Not only were the defendants convicted, they SERVED time. That was the first time this happened in the nation - conviction + serving time. This was a major victory and impact to the KKK of that era. This propelled Dan Moody's career and he became the youngest governor of Texas. Find out more about Dan Moody when visiting the museum. His tombstone at the Texas State Cemetery has a quote from Shakespeare - "To thine own self be true." I think that says it all.

Decided to make a trip out to Taylor, Texas today but before you get to Taylor you really need to stop off at the Circleville Store for some fried fish or a great hamburger. The locals are always smiling and ready to serve up a cold one and on the weekends you can catch live music outback. This building is been around since 1905 and The Circleville Store been owned by the same family for over 80 years.

One of the first stops in Wahburg is to the old Crawford mill. Time to pay homage to a remake one of the most famous Texas movies. It seems appropriate to include this stop especially since next week is Halloween. Of course, the original version of this movie is great to watch anytime. Anyone want to take a guess at what movie was filmed here and around this area?

So today I'm heading just a little bit north of Georgetown to the town of Walburg. It's a small town...a wee bit bigger than "blink and you'll miss it" but it holds a few surprises.

A chain dragon and a classic Buick?? Just some of the yard art in Walburg. I have no explanation.

Meet Dale, the owner of Dale's Essenhaus. Dale's has been serving up some of the best burgers in the area for a little over 18 years. His famous burger is affectionately referred to as the Walburger. Pair that with his amazing onion rings and you will not be disappointed. Oh and don't forget to chase that down with a Texas brewed Shiner Bock. Dale and his crew happen to be carving up some fresh brisket in cubes. 

Meet Gene. He and his wife Carolyn own the Georgetown Antique Mall on the Square. While Carolyn is greeting and helping customers up front, Gene is in the back keeping the lost art of caning by hand alive. People come from all around to have Gene restore their chairs. He is a true artist.

Georgetown is also home to Southwestern University. In 2015 they will celebrate their 175th birthday which makes Southwestern the oldest University in Texas. Now our neighbors in Waco may dispute this...but since Ive got the baton, SWU wins. :-) Another fun fact about SWU is that in 1909, Southwestern University held the very first homecoming. The campus is beautiful, well worth a visit when you're in town. It's time for me to sign off. Thanks for coming along on the journey through my hometown and a few other stops along the way. Safe travels across this great state.