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Hannah Elizabeth {Maternity}


Hannah Elizabeth Maternity Shoot
Location: Pearl Snap Hall
Hair and Makeup: Savannah Janae
Wardrobe: Sincerely Yours 1848

An editorial maternity photoshoot with Hannah Elizabeth at Pearl Snap Hall featuring wardrobe from Sincerely Yours 1848

Summer in Linda Asaf Designs {Maternity}

I don't do maternity shoots often but when I do, I want them to be unique and different. I was asked by Linda Asaf if she could style this shoot with Summer and I could not be happier with the wardrobe she selected.

Jesse {Maternity}

Honored to have the opportunity to do Jesse Coulter's maternity shoot. Best part, she let me play and shoot this on some film. You can find her blog at:

Her posts about our shoot can be found at: Maternity Shoot Part 1 and Maternity Shoot Part 2.

Erika {Maternity}

This was one of my favorite maternity sessions in a while. Erika is the daughter of Forrest, the owner of Needlewerx Tattoos in Georgetown. He has done all my ink work so when his daughter became pregnant, it seemed only fitting that I capture this time in their lives.

Can't wait to meet the new addition to the family...I wonder if he'll be born with tattoos? I'm also looking forward to calling Forrest, Grandpa!

Brittany {Maternity}

Brittany...and Brynn. Looking forward to doing her newborn photos as well.

Shot the majority of these with a Nikon Nikkor 35mm F2.

Grace and Jared {Maternity}

Grace and Jared have been family friends for a few fact, we were at their wedding in the chapel on the campus of Southwestern University. We were so happy to hear they were expecting a little one.

Grace's family is from Georgetown and they have spent most of their lives here so it was fitting to shoot around the city. Her grandmother wrote "The Land of Good Water" and her aunt is one of the publishers of the Williamson County Sun.

Congrats to Grace and Jared...looking forward to meeting Auburn when he is born!

Aaron and Sarah {Maternity}

Really enjoyed spending time with Aaron and Sarah the other day. Had fun being creative and hearing stories about Baby Cabrera. Sarah really loves Owls and they are a common accessory in their home. So it seemed fitting that when they first felt the little one kick they had to run out that evening and find a stuffed owl for his first toy. We also made sure to get some photos of his going home outfit and his first pair of soccer shoes. Aaron and Sarah are going to be fun parents and I cannot wait to capture the next set of memories of this little one's life. I'm on call for a hospital run soon!