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Travis and Jina {Married}

There are couples you meet and they make a lasting impression...Travis and Jina are two of those people. They are fun, unique and all around great people! It was such a joy and honor to be a part of their wedding day. You will never meet a more dedicated Texan than Travis.

One of the things that stood out to me during the ceremony was watching Travis tear up as Jina walked down the aisle. It was so moving to me as I watched and shot this moment. You could truly see the love he has for her. To watch the guys remove their hats as she started to walk down the aisle was truly amazing. A true sign of chivalry that seems to be lost in most cases today. A true gentleman in love. And I must say that Jina's smile and laugh is infectious. Brings a ray of light into any room.

Thanks guys for having me as a part of your day. Congratulations!! Blessings in the years to come.