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Brianna on Film {Fashion}

I've been shooting film more these days...yes, the stuff you have to get developed. There's just something about the film look that you cannot achieve with digital. The digital images from Brianna's shoot were posted previously but I wanted to share a few that were taken with a Canon AE-1 35mm and a Hasselblad 501 Medium Format.

These were all shot with natural light and on Fuji 400H film. To ensure proper exposure i rated the films at 200. Basically I shot 400 ISO and metered it at 200 ISO to slightly overexpose the photos. 

I learned photography back in the 80's using film and a Minolta Maxxum 7000's nice to return to the analog process. It's more of an art form. It makes you slow down and really think about each, composition, shadows and all the little details. I'll be shooting a lot more on film based on the results from this shoot and an earlier shoot with Kyle and Ani.  The shoot with Kyle and Ani was shot with the Hasselblad on Kodak Ektar 100 film.