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Sawyer and Jenn {Married}

I really like small town weddings. There's just something about a small town church, a VFW reception hall and being surrounded by family and friends. Some of the food is usually prepared by family and served by them as well. It's like you're a guest at a large family gathering in the country...and the day with Jenn and Sawyer felt exactly like that.

Jenn and Sawyer's engagement shoot set the tone for what to expect. We shot in Taylor, including the famous Taylor Cafe. Their wedding was at the United Methodist Church in Lexington with the reception at the VFW hall in Giddings.

The UMC in Lexington was a great little church to shoot quaint and personal. I knew things were going to get crazy at the reception when I saw them waxing the dance floor which meant only one thing...the Grand March! Truly a fun time of dancing, celebrating and sharing in Jenn and Sawyer's special day!