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La Sardina Test {Lomography}

Anyone who knows me knows I have a love for film shooting. I love the process, the texture, the style, the look and feel of the photos...and the anticipation of getting the negatives back. I tend to shoot on either my Hasselblad or Canon AE-1 for serious film shooting...but recently I have become fascinated by the Lomography branded cameras. I have a Holga, LomoKino, Fisheye and a recently purchased La Sardina.

The La Sardina is based on an old sardine can. It takes 35mm film and has a side-flash attached to it. As with other lomography cameras, the imperfections are fascinating and a surprise. Though mass-produced, each hach have their own unique character. Light leaks, vignetting, lens characteristics...and all of this is further enhanced by the choice of film that you use. For the photos below, I used a roll of Lomography standard 400 film.

So far, the test came out well and I'm looking forward to more adventures with the La Sardina.