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Justin and Lacey {Wedding}

From the moment I arrived at Star Hill Ranch and saw the reception setup I knew this was gonna be a fun and crazy day of celebration. The Star Hill Ranch venue is a perfect place for a wedding with a country flare...the wooden dance floor is especially fitting for some boot-scooting and line dancing.

Justin and Lacey are a fun-loving couple with a great sense of humor and it showed! The ceremony kicked off with Justin's brother quoting from the classic movie, "The Princess Bride." "Mawwiage" rang out across the chapel and everyone busted out in laughter. In case you need a refresher on this pop-culture reference, you can watch the original movie clip here. This set the tone for the rest of the night.

Line dancing, two-stepping and boot stomping to "Copperhead Road" filled the night as the wooden dance floor was put to good use. By the end of the night, the wedding party (groom's side) had their shirts off with just vests and ties on. Special thanks to Kelly Cameron for asking me shoot this wedding with her. Too much fun.

Truly a fun night and a great celebration for a great couple! Congratulations to Justin and Lacey.