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Josh and Kailey {Wedding}

I met Josh and Kailey at the Georgetown Bridal Show this year and we knew at that time we had a connection. I was immediately drawn to their fun, quirky and eclectic style. Kailey's red hair and Josh's signature bow tie are just a small part of what makes them unique. Honestly, what other groom do you know that has a wedding ring made of Moose Antler and is Ebony lined inside? How freakin' cool is that! So when I was asked to shoot their engagement and wedding photos, I jumped at the opportunity.

You can find Josh and Kailey's engagement photos on my blog at:

Their wedding day was an eclectic mix of their styles and a friend/family affair. Everyone pitched in to decorate and prepare for this celebration. When I asked Kailey to describe the wedding decor and style to me, she repeatedly said, "It's gonna be like Pinterest threw up at our wedding." She did not disappoint. The wedding was held outdoors on a friends property and, due to a storm that blew in, we had to move the initial part of the reception indoors BUT what I love about them is that "it was all good." They were happy to be getting married to each other and celebrating this day with friends. Below is the story of their day.