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Erik and Cecily {Wedding}

This wedding was a celebration of new beginnings, seeing old friends and remembering the lives of those who could be there. It was an honor to capture the memories of this day for the Cutler family, longtime friends of my wife and I.

I have watched Cecily grow up from about middle school till this day when she married the man she fell in love with...and that made this wedding a little extra special for me. I met Erik for the first time at their engagement shoot and it was great to see them so in love. Cecily had met the man of her dreams.

The wedding was held at Schwertner Ranch Event Center and Lynn and Sherri did a great job. We had an afternoon rain shower that gave way to a rainbow which seemed to set the tone for the evening. It was a beautiful reminder of God's blessing. It was touching to watch as Chris, Cecily's father, put on her necklace which was a special gift from him. I could see him holding back the tears. Heck, my eyes were tearing up as well.

As the reception was almost over, everyone went outside to watch as the family sent lanterns up to honor grandparents and other family members who were no longer with us. Then Cecily and Erik launched a lantern to celebrate new beginnings. It was the perfect way to end the evening.

Erik and Cecily, driven by their chauffer (Cecily's father), sped off to start a new life together...a new adventure. It was a great day celebrating with great friends. Congratulations to Erik and Cecily!