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Jeff and Bonnie, A Backyard Vintage Wedding {Wedding}

When I arrived at the home of Bonnie's parents, I knew this was going to be a different wedding. The front yard had been transformed into an outdoor wedding chapel and the side yard into a dance floor and reception area. The stage was set for a memorable and wonderful backyard, vintage style wedding.

Bonnie was just arriving home from having her hair done, Jeff, the groom had just come in from a short round of golf, and Jack, Bonnie's son was watching a movie on TV. Within a short while the hustle and bustle of getting the final details ready for the wedding began. Caterers arrived, flowers started to be set out, wedding party started to arrive, and the family started getting ready.

Pomegranate Margaritas and Lemonade were the drink choices of the day. Bonnie's son, Jack, was included in the ceremony hence the three colors of sand that were poured together symbolizing the joining of this family together. In addition to the wedding rings exchanged between Jeff and Bonnie, Jack was also given a ring to symbolize their commitment to him as well. The moments in the ceremony where Jack was included was something so unique and touching. Brought tears to my eyes. Bonnie arrived to the ceremony in a restored '67 Bonneville convertible driven by her father. During the reception, Bonnie sang a song dedicated to her father. It was truly a moment that will never be forgotten.