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Lighting for Trail Bike Race {Gear}

This past weekend I was asked to shoot at a Rogue Trail Series race. This was a first for me. I arrived at 6AM to get to the location on the trail and setup lighting gear. The race kicked off at 7AM and I shot till 10AM. In the midst of the runners, there were a few trail bike riders that came through as well.

The first image below is the lighting setup that I was using. The main light was an Alien Bee 800 and the rim light/secondary light was a canon 580 EX II. Both lights were set pretty low (at 1/32 power) so as to allow ambient light in and accentuate the subject. As a side note, both lights were modifiers.

The camera setting were: Canon 7D, 16-35mm lens, 1/250th, f5.6, ISO 400 and flash white balance. The next few images were shot with this setup on the trail. I was really surprised by the last shot of the runner really getting into the race.