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Gear and Tool Upgrades or Changes {Gear}

Been making a few upgrades and changes to my "toolkit" for photography. Below are a few of the recent purchases and why they matter to me. Feel free to comment and chime in with feedback and opinions. Also, most of these items I purchased on Amazon, which, as most of you know, tends to have the best prices.

Macbook Pro, 13-inch

The biggest change I have made is an upgrade to a smaller laptop but a lot more power. I think this change is pretty self explanatory.

Canon 16-35 2.8 L Lens

This lens completes the zoom range that I wanted to have in my bag. There are a few primes I carry depending on the shoot but for the most part I carry the 16-35, 24-70 and 70-200. I really like the look of photos on the wide side of this lens. Great to use on the dance floor at wedding receptions.

Lexar USB 3.0 Dual Slot Card Reader

Finally a sturdy card reader that I truly like. I've been through a few card readers over the years and I've always used the less expensive ones. I end up replacing them after about a year. Finally broke down and paid more for a good, sturdy one. Just got it a few weeks ago...we'll see how long it lasts.

Zoom H1 Digital Recorder

Been doing more video these days and let's face it, the sound quality on video recording from DSLRs is really bad. I was using a small Sony digital recorder but needed something with better quality and more options...enter the Zoom recorder. Small, portable, expandable memory and easy to use.

Sandisk Extreme Pro cards

Back to the video reasoning, regular speed cards are fine but when shooting video, faster cards are needed to keep up with the data transfer. Been a huge fan of Sandisk cards for a long time. They are sturdy and I have not experienced a card failure yet (knock on wood). In fact, I sent a card though the wash (by accident) and in the dryer as well. Still able to download images from the card. Whew!

LaCie Rugged Portable Hard Drives

Really like these drives. These are my go to drives and are workhorses for storage and external working drives. I have tried other brands that either seem to run hot or don't feel as sturdy. LaCie drives have traveled in various countries with me and have never let me down. If it's in your budget, I do recommend the 1TB version of these drives. 500GB just doesn't quite cut it with the size of today's RAW files.

Adobe Lightroom 4

Lightroom is not a new addition for me but the recent version upgrade to 4 is a huge improvement in an already great image management and post-processing software. I truly would be lost without this software.

These are just a few of the things I have added or changed in my "toolkit" for photography. Do you have any thoughts, additions or things you have recently added/discovered that would be useful? Chime in on the comments below.