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Lomography Inspired Shoot {Gear, Film}

This morning I am heading out for a Lomography inspired shoot. The majority of this shoot will be on film and my 5D MK II will be my backup. I'm excited to take the LomoKino out for for a serious shoot. Gonna grab some video with that camera and some stills with the Holga 120N. The main camera for the shoot will be the Hasselblad 501.

Another fun thing is that I will be using expired film for this shoot. Could produce some interesting results. The film for today is: Kodak Portra VC 400 120Ilford Delta 400 120 , Fomapan 400 120  and Agfa 800 35mm. Can't wait to share the results...but that may be a few days to get all of it posted cause I have to develop film.