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Sushmita and Chandan {Travel}

Yesterday was one of the best days we have experienced here. We were able to meet our sponsored kids, Shushmita and Chandan. They both live in the Madanpur Khadar Slum Community. It was truly a heart touching experience. There are really no words to express what we felt. Sushmita's family was so gracious. We had a great time of visiting in their home and sharing tea together. We were also blessed to meet Sushmita's grandmother. At Chandan's home we visited with his mother and sister. They told stories of him and their family. Both Sushmita and Chandan brought out their schoolbooks to show us what they have been learning.

Patsy is so great with kids and had a connection with the mothers that went beyond and way past the language barrier. All I know is that there were hugs and tears with no words but you knew what was being "said." Again, truly one of the best days here...a day we will never forget.

If you sponsor a child through any organization, a trip to meet the kids will totally change your perspective on what your sponsorship does and the HUGE impact it has. We had an idea but I don't believe truly understood until visiting the school and the kids in their homes.

We sponsor our kids through Children's Hope Chest via Andy Melvin and the Unlikely Sons, one of the worship bands at our church, the Austin Stone Community Church. The band was in India a few months back and returned with a passion for the kids at the Good Samaritan School... particularly the 3rd grade class. They committed to sponsor the class all the way through graduation and we joined them in this commitment by sponsoring two of those kids through the Unlikely Sons and Daughters Fund. For more information about Children's Hope Chest and the work they do in India, visit