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India, It's Good to be Back {Travel}

It is 1:30AM and I am sitting in Jasola, New Delhi, India as I write this. In April of 2008 I came to India on a business trip with Cisco Systems. I was here for a month and my life was changed forever. I remember coming home, walking in the front door of our house and starting to cry. We have been blessed with so much and there is so much we take for granted. That trip ripped my heart apart and showed me the selfish side of myself more than ever.

There has never been a trip that has impacted me in the way that coming to India did. Patsy could see that from the moment I walked in the door. She knew something was different and our lives have never been the same since that trip in 2008. Yet, there was something I have always struggled with. I could never fully express to Patsy what I experienced in India. Words seemed to fail. I am convinced that India is one of those places that you have to come visit to fully get it. And now that has happened.

Patsy and I arrived in New Delhi, India last night. We will be here for 11 days with Children's Hope Chest working in the Good Samaritan School that they partner with. For more information on this organization, check out

Below are a few pictures from my visit in 2008. I can't wait to see what's in store for this visit...stay tuned to my blog for updates and photos of our time here in India.