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Cross-Processing 35mm Film {Gear, Film}

A few weeks ago I shot my first roll of slide film with the intention of cross-processing it. What is cross-processing you ask? Basically it's shooting one type of film but processing it in chemicals meant for another film type. For example, shooting slide film (E-6) and processing it as standard negative film (C-41). For more information, check out this article on Wikipedia. Cross-processing is also referred to as "Xpro."

One of the draws of cross-processing is the color it produces. It tends to be unpredictable. Different films, different brands will produce different results. I shot the images below on Fuji film. The "yellow" tint was unexpected but awesome in it's own way. I love not knowing what the color mix will be when I process the film. I am finishing off a roll of 120 slide film this weekend and will be cross-processing that as well. Enjoy the photos below of my first cross-processing experiment.

To show the difference, here's a photo shot on a digital camera with the colors as they would be normally. Quite the difference. I really like the cross-processing vibe. Excited to shoot more like this. Ready to shoot different types of film and compare the outcomes. Yes, it's edgy, unpredictable, odd to some, artsy to others, weird...but who cares! Go out and have fun with it. Experiment, you might be pleasantly surprised. Shooting film is truly like opening presents on Christmas day...just not sure what you will get when it's processed.