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Jeff and Jacquie {Wedding}

I truly enjoyed spending the afternoon with Jeff and Jacquie. They met at Westpoint and are both on active duty serving our country. Their ceremony was held at one of my favorite locations to shoot at - Mercury Hall in Austin, TX.

As guests entered the ceremony area they were given a glass of champagne to be used for toasting the couple at the end of the ceremony. This was the first time I have seen this done at a wedding (during the ceremony).

The flowers at this wedding were beautiful. They were provided by Carrie at Flora Fetish. The reception was truly a fun time with stories being told, memories relived and a crazy time on the dance floor. Everyone got into the celebration including one of the grandfathers. I love seeing everyone in the family get on in on the celebration!

Congratulations Jeff and Jacquie!

Venue: Mercury Hall
Flowers: Flora Fetish
DJ: Complete Music, Video and Photo
Planner: Keri Wooten with Leave the Details to me