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David and Devon {Wedding}

There are some couples you meet and they have their own style and vibe and you just hit off. David and Devon are one of those couples. From the moment I met them when doing their engagement photos to Devon coming over to hang with Patsy and Tatum one night at our house and our shared like of Indian food...we (Patsy and I) are looking forward to spending time with new friends.

We had a blast during their engagement session! We found plenty of places in Georgetown to shoot and Etta James was the soundtrack for the day. After they received the photos, Devon sent me this note - "I have never really considered myself top be "pretty" but loving David has made me feel so special. you were able to capture our love perfectly. Thank you." My heart was touched. That is all I want to do in capturing capture the beauty of people.

When they asked me to shot their wedding, I did not hesitate and with the request came very simple and exciting instructions.  "Be creative, shoot on film if you want, we are cool with retro looking photos and grain...just do your thing." These photos were shot on a digital camera, the La Sardina and a Canon AE-1.

The ceremony was held at the Grace Heritage Chapel on Main Street in Georgetown and the reception was at Roots Bistro on 8th. It was truly a fun day. It was great to capture the wedding for new friends.

Chapel: Grace Heritage Chapel, Georgetown
Reception: Roots Bistro, Georgetown
Flowers: Just In Blooms, Round Rock
Cakes: Sweet Serendipity, Georgetown